Methods and methodology of foreign economic activity’s research
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Strategy development in rural social sphere
Sukhostavets A.І.
Capital investment by type of asset in Ukraine: current state and trends

Kovtun O.V.

Areas of improvement potential use light industry enterprises in Lviv
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Strategic procurement management in industrial enterprises fat sub Ukraine
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Research directions definition of “economic security”
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The need to establish the market value of land parcels (shares) in the context of economic governance
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Methodical bases of regional market of secondary raw material development
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Theoretical and methodological basis of development of relations of land ownership
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Modern methods of risk analysis in the design of enterprise management systems for meat and dairy industry
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Technological basis improving economic efficiency of pigs breeding in agricultural enterprises through the intensification of production
Lozinskaya I.V.
Information and advisory support agricultural commodity
Dankevych Y. M.
Zonal features of state support of agricultural enterprises in Ukraine
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Economic aspects of the tillage innovative technologies application in agriculture Ukraine
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Organic agricultural in Ukraine: trends and ways of commodity strengthening the position
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Prerequisites of the organic products market development in Ukraine
Maslak O.M.
New approaches to definitions quality and safety of animal products
Vysotska I.M.
Information management in agricultural enterprises–grain producers
Vladyka Yu.P.
Outsourcing in logistics: advantages and disadvantages
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Mechanism of application of methods of marketing communications policy in production and business activity of enterprise
Vasylchenko O., Popova T.
Assessment of motivational environment in the meat industry
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Theoretical aspects of logistics budgeting as a modern and efficient technologies for planning, monitoring and analysis
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Name as one of the main attributes of the brand
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Development and evaluation residential property market in Ukraine
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Evaluation of an investment project to produce biodiesel
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Innovation in the pharmaceutical industry
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Improvement of innovative and investment activity control systems in agriculture of Sumy oblast
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Theoretical aspects of the formation of the mechanism of the investment policy in the agricultural sector
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Some conceptual principles of organizational innovative activities in the Ukraine
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Strategies to counteract the tax-debt risk of financial security of the state
Martynyuk V.
Monetary constituent of national economic security is in context of financial development of Ukraine
Vereshagina T.
Essence equitybasis group
Kadatskaya A.M.
Тhe role of financial mechanisms to influence the consumer market on to the stage of realization
Lashtak V.V., Lashtak T.V.
Audit’s terminology in Ukraine in the context of translation of International standards on auditing
Pasko O., Gordienko M.
Interpretation of the concept of value added
Rud V. V.
Economic impact of technical risks as a measure of quantitative estimation uncertainty financial results
Tsymbaliuk O.
Recording and registration of agricultural land use in Ukraine
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Social investment as intrumentah implementation socially oriented business
Hryshova Y.Yu., Shabatura T.S.
On methodology for assessment of the social infrastructure of the agrarian sector
Fedorchuk A.M.
Development fund: experience international success and possibilities of operation in Ukraine
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Social protection in the age of population management primitive civilization in the period of the feudal system sector
Zaninа O.V.
Theoretical aspects of effectiveness evaluation workforce
Ivanov M.A.
Prediction of the materal incentives agricultural organisations workes structure fund
Ilinova O.V.