Logistical bases of sustainable development of region
Mishenin E.V., Koblianska I.I.
The development of emotional intelligence of modern management as a condition for their successful operation
Dubovik S., Drabchuk T.
Development planning systems in different economic systems
Guzhvenko S.M.
Land as real estate listings
Kovtun О.
Theoretical approaches to the definition of «development», « economic development», «economic growth»
Kryuchkova M.
The determinants of vulnerability of food security
Volchenko N. V.
Mechanism of formation and operation vertically integrated business in agricultural and food sector Ukraine
Nicenko V.S.
Social-bioeconomy as a model for policy development of the national economy
Baydala V., Butenko V.
Status and perspective directions of development of personal peasant farms
Saharnatska L.
The development of rent relations under conditions of transformation of agricultural land use in Poltava region
Dobryak D., Kolesnyk G.
Problems creating territorial systems automated monitoring of agriculture
Viunenko A.B.
Approaches to the forming strategy of development organic production in AIC
Stovolos N.B.
Current situation and prospects in the world pig industry
Zaharchenko O.
Analysis of the world of the organic products market
Maslak O.M.
The algorithm of definitions and overcome the crisis at enterprise
Pletneva Y., Akhnovskaya I.
Features of enterprises planning under uncertainty
Vyganyaylo S.M.
The assessment of structure and effectiveness of equity of the agricultural enterprises
Kalashnikov O.N.
Activities of small enterprises in the diversification
Polyatukina L.I.
Consumer marketing management as a subject of companies: model behavior
Perebiynis V., Trayno V.
Factor in shaping competitiveness of agribusiness companies and marketing component
Galinskа A.
Scientific approaches to the essence of the concept "demand"
Puriha I.
Estimation of competitiveness of agrarian sector of Sumy area
Malyutina A.
Analysis competitiveness SE "Lebedynska forestry"
Ksenofontova M.N., Karpenko Y.I.
Strategic management competitiveness of farms
Mishenina N., Hovorushenko R.
International labor migration: ukrainian aspect
Gorbachevа I.V.
The transformation of customs and tariff regulation in the context of customs alliances functionning
Novikova KI, Turyk A.I.
Features of innovation under international economic integration
Turchina S.
Foreign economic activity of Ukraine’s regions enterprises in the condition of growing of external and internal instability
Dashutina L.
Development potential of global agricultural production in the context of globalization
Yurchenko O.
Forming of innovative-investment principles of solid wastes management in the region
Samojlik M.S.
Rationale for selection of indicators assessments of innovation industrial enterprises
Senichkinа O.
Development of the innovation in regional agricultural-industrial complex
Smolyarov Y.G.
Management innovative charges on principles of controlling
Selivanova N.N.
Features of the internal audit of food security in the region of economic system state
Morozyuk N.
Problems of management accounting agricultural enterprises
Naida A.
Place and role of land resources in energy security strategy
Dankevych V.Y.
Rationale for the development of social and labor relations at the enterprise
Doronina M., Sasina L., Statyvka O.
Аerosafety rural territories in the context of globalization : the state, the essence of the concepts and possible negative social and economic consequences
Zalizko V.D.
Necessary assessment land resources management
Makarova O.
Estimation of influence contaminated areas on the financial results of forestry enterprises
Zamula H.
Economic valuation methods remediation of soils contaminated with pesticides
Moklyachuk T.A.
Organizational and institutional framework for the adaptation of legislative and normative documents of Ukraine to the EU environmental law
Strochenko N.I.
The problems and perspectives of the waste management regional system formation: cluster approach
Kryvenko S.
Improving the state of land administration region
Golovin Ar. А.