Organization and the main lines of the selection and pedigree of dairy breeding Sumy region
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About connection of birthweight with productivity in suckling cattle breeding
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Reproductive ability of cows of ukrainian black-pied suckling breed
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Exterior types of diary cows: methods of assessment and classification
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Historical aspects, situationand prospects of aquaculture activities in inland lakes of Ukraine
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Features growth intensity replacement chicks in different variants tribal selection
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Еffect ofgenotypeandparatypical factors onthe characterof lactationcurveof cows
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Dairy efficiency and reproductive ability of cows of different lines of the ukrainian black-and-white dairy breed
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Interior features of young pigs of different genotypes
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Economic-biological features cows central zone type of the ukrainian red dairy breed
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Comparative analysis of the formation of the main exterior signs in chickens of different types of productivity
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Economic-useful features cows ukrainian black-and-white dairy breed
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Performance and forecast values plemennoyї bulls-improvers
Kruglyak T.О.
Horses choice for nontraditional spheres of using taking into account type of the highest nervous activity
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Growth purebred and local pigs with different duration of embryonic development
Matsenko M.I.
Morphological and biochemical indices blood bright askaniyskoy tonkorunnoj breeds different line of origin
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Comparative histological analysis kozhy structure and properties adaptatsyon cow aberdeen-angus and ukrainian angus meat breeds
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Economic assessment phenotypic changes in the herd ukrainian black-and-white dairy breed
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Production of quality cattle breed Lebedynska for this stage of selection
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Meat efficiency bulls of aberdin-angus breed
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The effect of genotype paratypic factors for signs of milk production of cows of different breeds
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Herd improvement on breeding red-and-white cow breed research according to the period of household on indicators productivity
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Result the economic use of golstin cows of different types of stressresistant
Chernenko O.
Exterior assessment of cows of the accrued sumy into a pedigree type of the ukrainian black-and-white breed
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Live weight’s dynamics of cows in different lines such as ukrainian carpathian interbreed red- spotted milk species during their growing
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The position and possibilityof development of goat in sumy region
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Indices of protein metabolism in the blood of lambs under the application of amino acids lysine, methionine and sulphur in their diet
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Formation productive qualities landed (c x ak) f1 fledglings sheep on diets of different structures
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Grain homogenized suspension in the diets of dairy cows
Lysenko V.F.
Effect of different feed additives content palm fat on liver lipid composition hens
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Growth rates comparison of the paddlefish (Polyodon spathula, Walbaum, 1792) at the feeding by the live water flea and artificial fodders
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Effect of forage quality on the balance of minerals in sows
Tkachuk V.I.
Technology rationale use of pastures for grazing cows on Polessye of Ukraine
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Digestibility of nutrients in broiler chickens at different levels of lysine in fodder
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Functional milk product will improve the health of consumers
Kitchenko L.M.
Productivity and meat qualities of pigs when used in mixed fodders mixture enzyme preparations
Lavrentiev A.Y.
Technology for growing calves milk period
Pidpala T.V., Hrebeniuk N.V.
Impact of technological and design features of preparation and distribution of feed in groups on themain indicators microclimate in group farrowing old piglets from one to three months
Sikun M. V.
Safety technology and health in the production and processing animal products
Kamenska I. С.
Assessment process qualities of specialized cows milk breeds
Marykina O.S.
Security quality of milk and dairy products in their implementation at the natural market
Yuhno V.M.
Preservation of fertility of boar semen using different extenders
Platonovа N., Bodryashova E.
Influence of sanitation of the stallions cavity preputsialny and sperm on mares artificial insemination efficiency
Tkachеv А. V.
Monitoring of genetic polymorphism of horse populations by ISSR-markers using
Suprun I.A. Kurylenko Y.F.
Features of ergonomic and ethological evaluation of process of manure removal and introduction of litter
Shabliа V.P.
Use of additives plant origin range expansion meat preparations
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Effect boar-sires on process reproduction in a herd of pigs
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Stimulation of queen-bees egg production by biologically active substances
Vedmed I.V., Sheremeta V.I., Kaplunenko V.G.
Stimulion of follicle ovulation on ovaries of cows “Nanovulin”
Gruntkovsky M.S.
Quality control of bulls sexed semen
Pelykh U.S.
Population genetic structure sturgeon (Acipenserruthenus) for microsatellite DNA markers
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Evaluation viability dekonservovanyh oocyte-cumulus complexes pigs different age groups
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