Series of Veterinary Medicine, 2014, Vol. 1 (34)

State of intestinal microbiocenosis of piglets at колиентеротоксемии and methods of his correction
Лівощенко Л. П., Камбур М. Д., Лівощенко Є. М.
Studying of the biocompatibility of hemostatic sponges with stem cells of bone marrow of rabbits during in vitro cultivation
Мазуркевич А. Й., Малюк М. О., Ткаченко С. М., Харкевич Ю. О.
The protein composition of the blood serum quail under the influence of different levels of amino acids and vitamin E in the diet
Стовбецька Л. С.
Pathophysiological changes in functional activity of adaptive systems in newborn calves ribilding-period under the influence of hypoxia
Замазій А. А.
Getting the adhezyve fraction of mononuclear bone marrow cells line of mice C 57BL/6 in different conditions of primary material and cultivations in RPMI media
Мазуркевич А. Й., Кладницька Л. В., Ковпак В. В.
Pathophysiological changes of hematological indices calf blood under the influence hypoxia
Замазій А. А., Камбур М. Д., Кассіч В. Ю., Коваленко Л. М.
Platelet hemostasis cows during the second period of pregnancy
Замазій А. А., Лісовенко В. М.
Dynamics of functional performance assurance system of animals оxygenic
Замазій А. А.
Epizootic situation of infectious diseases of bees in the Northeast region Ukraine
Бойко Т. В.
Identification of animals - deposit improvement of epizootic situation in Ukraine
Гладченко С. М., Касяненко О. І.
Determination of phenol coefficient and protein index disinfectant Bides
Шкромада О. І.
Integrating veterinary control Ukraine to risk-based approach to international trade under WTO and EU requirements
Єфімова О. М.
Sources of highly hazardous pesticides to bee products
Скрипка Г. А.
Monitoring and control of hazards in feed and dairy products, as well as risk assessment peschevoy tseti "from farm to fork"
Марченко А. М.
Evaluation of quality fish sold on agricultural markets Sumy
Петров Р. В.
Environmentally safe technology "Article" for protection of chickens hatching eggs from pathogenic microflora
Бордунова О. Г.
Monitoring of the chemical condition of the Dnieper river basin on the territory of Sumy region
Петров Р. В., Назаренко С. М.
Fatty acids in the production of honeybees depending on the environmental conditions
Ковальчук І. І., Рівіс Й. Ф., Федорук Р. С.
Performance study of microelements phosphate dehydrogenase on the vital processes of antheraea pernyi
Трокоз В. О.
Characteristic of embryonic development, output and hatchability of young quail eggs in incubation processing solution akvahelata selenium
Ніщеменко М. П., Ємельяненко А. А., Стовбецька Л. С.
Kaliihydrogenperoxоmonosulphateas substance disinfectantsagainst mycobacteria
Головко В. О., Кочмарський В. А., Хомутовська С. О., Бондарчук А. О., Блажеєвський М. Є.
Sytiuk M. P.
Microbial landscape festering wounds in dogs
Глебенюк В. В.
The number of somatic cells in the milk of cows and goats
Зажарська Н. М.
Age aspects of clinical and morphological manifestations of chlamydia pigs
Скрипка М. В., Заріцька А. О., Ковшар О. В.
Epizootologic features swine respiratory infections of bacterial etiology
Омельченко Г. О.
Efficient use of specific funds control system associated bacteriosis hoof cattle
Улько Л. Г., Фотіна Т. І.
Development of the PCR test system for indicating Сhlamydia felis in biological samples of domestic cats
Ксьонз І. М., Цівенко Т. М., Почерняєв К. Ф., Корінний С. М.
Features of clinical and morphological manifestations of viral hepatitis dogs
Дмитренко Н. І., Мізін А. В.
Pathogenetic aspects and features of clinico-morphological manifestations kolіenterotoхemіi
Запека І. Є.
Рroblems of мodern epizootology
Кассіч В.Ю., Камбур М. Д., Фотін А. І., Ребенко Г. І., Байдевлятов Ю. А., Волосянко О. В., Ушкалов В. О., Атмась В. Я., Фотін О. В.
Etiology and epidemiology of respiratory infectious diseases of pigs (overview)
Ребенко Г. І.
Comparative characteristics of sausage stuffing using microstructural analysis
Старосельська А. Л.
The residual content of ceftiofur hydrochloride after introduction of the drug ceftioklin
Левченко А. Г.
Epizootic situation is in relation to ezophagostomosis of pigs in economies of Poltava area
Манойло Ю. Б.
Results strains probiotics in the establishment of a new drug for correction secondary immunodeficiency animals
Завірюха Г. А., Васильєва Т. Б.
Determination of antimicrobial activity of the drug "Biotsydin"
Шкромада О. І., Долбаносова Р. В.
Proteinogenic production strains fo the prepapation of mammals PPD-tuberculin
Кассіч В. Ю., Камбур М. Д., Ушкалов В. О., Замазій А. А., Волосянко О. В.
Research of level of accumulation of bacterial mass of test cultures of microorganisms on environments from gidrolizatov of marine aquatic lives
Колеснікова К. Ю., Пінчук Н. Г.
Listeriosis. Epizotological and epidemiological situation in EU
Мачуський О. В., Ковтун В. А.
Treatment of a chronic haematuria of cattle
Абдуллаев М. Т.
Efficiency of using trykolinu for the prevention of bacterial poultry infections
Олефір І. А.
Impact of vaccination for control of swine respiratory diseases to the pork production
Айшпур О. Є., Павлов Є. Г., Сапон Н. В., Ничик С. А.
Epizootic features nematodosis of pigs in the Forest-steppe zone of Ukraine
Євстаф’єва В. О.
Effecacy of the terapeutical prodcuts durign malofagosis in chicken
Кисельова Л. Ю.
Diagnostics and treatment at blackhead of turkey-cocks in farmland economies
Панасенко О. С., Рисований В. І., Негреба Ю. В.
Mixed invasion at geese in Azerbaijan
Агаева З. Т.
The therapeutic efficacy of a new drug in terms of spontaneous invasion eymerioznoy chickens
Маршалкіна Т. В., Заiкіна Г. В., Біла Н. В., Євтушенко А. В.
Improvement of complex veterinary sanіtarnyh activities under "Agricultural holding "Avangard"
Нагорна Л. В., Ястремський С. М.
Effects of preimago degelmintization on growth and development of lambs
Рустамова С. И.
Application of plant and tissue immunostimulants of depending in needs of bee-productive season
Кистерна О. С., Мусієнко О. В.
Determination of residual quantities of active drug “Avesstym” substance in serum, meat and organs of poultry
Бушуєва І. В., Фотіна Г. А., Панасенко О. І., Книш Є. Г., Березовський А. В.
Monitoring of feed for cattle and pigs on micromicetes contamination and mycotoxins
Краєвський А. Й., Куцан О. Т., Краєвський С. А., Лазоренко А. Б.
Colpocytological method of diagnostic of non fertile dogs
Давиденко Н. Г.
Monitoring of mastitis in cows from farms in Lviv and Ternopil regions
Мурська С. Д.
Antioxidant system of the organism in the period rabbits watering sodium sulfate, chloride and citrate chromium
Лесик Я. В., Федорук Р. С., Хомин М. М., Кропивка С. Й.
Prooxidant–antioxidant system of weaning piglets during use of liposomal product
Огородник Н. З.
Intensive care at acute gastroenteritis
Дідух А. В., Фасоля В. П., Копистко Р.
Pedagogical aspects of teaching with the use of interactive technologies
Мусієнко В. М.