Серія Економіка і менеджмент, 2014, Вип. 8 (61) (en)

Investment security of Ukraine during the period of EU integration processes
Zatonatskaya T.
Current trends and innovative mechanisms of science and education in domestic and foreign practice
Kryvenko L., Vasil’ev A.
Development of property relations for the formation of balanced functioning the inegrated land and property complex
Mishenin Ye. V., Yarova I. Ye.
Current status and problems of food security Ukraine
Hryshova I., Kryukova I.
Integration processes in the agricultural sphere
Burak A.
Рurpose of budgetary support to the agricultural sector of Ukraine Food Security
Radchenko O.D.
Conceptual framework for formation of organizational and economic mechanism of increasing the competitiveness processing enterprises in the conditions of globalization
Khvorost T.V.
Institutional factors regulatory policy in the labor market
Safonov V. V.
The features of a modern agricultural units
Tereshchenko S.
Аssess the potential of solid biomass agriculture Ukraine
Fedorchuk E.M.
Current situation and evaluation of Ukraine’s grain market
Zaharchenko O.
Guidelines and mechanisms for improving the management of a vertically integrated agri-sphere structure
Nicenko V.
Improving the efficiency of crop in a globalizing
Svynarenko V., Strochenko N.
International experience of state support of production of organic goods
Maslak O.M.
State and prospects of the development of crop growing branch of plant growing in the world and in Ukraine
Feduniak І.
Reproduction of livestock, as the major element of the production of milk in Ukraine
Butylo R.I.
Reserves increase efficiency of milk specialized farms
Kobylkin O.M., Kobylkina S.V.
Financing instruments of agribusiness agents
Kutsenko I.V.
Increasing the productivity in agriculture
Sheludko L., Sheludko R.
Status and trends of pig production in Ukraine
Polyah V.M.
Forming components of market infrastructure to increase the efficiency branch meat and dairy cattle
Lozynska I.
Optimization of intensity of crop production as a factor in increasing the efficiency of intensification
Oleinik I.O.
Agricultural service cooperatives as organizational-economic funds improving technical equipment of the AIC
Samoilyk Y.V.
Economic efficiency of green farming activity (on example of KP «Zelenstroy» Sumy city board)
Vavulyn A.I.
Features payment and promotion work in farms
Dovzhyk O.O.
Improving production planning using production function Cobb-Douglas
Dolgikh Y., Kostovski A.
The essence of the concept of "fixed assets" as an economic category
Zhurbenko N.M.
Improving logistics of agricultural enterprises
Kolos Z. V.
Basic approaches and processes to the formation of personnel management machinery enterprises
Koval V.V.
Features of forming of competitive edges are in system of competition relations of enterprises of food industry
Mytyay O.
Genesis theoretical views on the nature of competition
Bogomolovа K.S.
The factors of intensify agricultural enterprise innovation
Dubovyk S., Radko A.
Justification of the methodological approach funding to the target program in the system of improvement of innovation activity on agricultural enterprises
Kharchenko T.O.
Strategic directions of offshore areas: national and global financial and economic interests
Мишенина Н.В., Мишенина Г.А., Туренко Ю.О.
An investment ensure of development of agricultural enterprises with different specialization in production
Kalashnikov A.O.
Clusters as a factor of innovation
Hryvko S.D.
Investment attractiveness and valuation: theoretical and methodological aspects
Kovtun O. V.
Conceptual issues of cost accounting financial and economic activities of budgetary institutions
Morozyuk N.
Modeling payroll for example dairy company
Shalevskа O.Y., Zarutsky I.D., Ilyinа O.Y.
Forming and reflection of doubtful debts reserve in accounting
Znamerovskaya T.N.
Theoretical foundations of wage formation and its main function in the mechanism of implementation
Zagorska Ya.V.
Improving motivation and remuneration in livestock
Ponomareva M.
Mechanism effective development of the poultry farming on the basis of ecologization
Hlazun V.
Preparing students for family life as a guarantee of adoption institute of family
Zabolotna T.
Socio-economic aspects sustainable land use in agriculture
Nyesvyetova S.
Effectivity of mechanisms of agricultural production ecologization: modern perspective
Novikova O.
Diversification of agricultural production: development of partnership villages and towns
Pelikh V.
The role of agricultural holdings in the socio-economic development strategies in rural areas
Samoilenko T.
The role of public-private partnership in the creation of conservation zero waste society of XXI century
Kryvenko S.