Dairy farming Ukraine: state and prospects
Ladyka V.I., Bondarchuk L.V.
Characteristic repair heifers of ukrainian red-and-white dairy breedondevelopmentoflivingmass
Khmel'nichiy L.M., Loboda V.P.
Efficiency of lifetime use of cows of different countries of selection
Polupan Yu. P.
Age characteristics of natural resistance of young animals volyn’ meat breed under Lviv region
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Analysis of pedigree structure of horses of the sports direction of use
Bondarenkо O., Ilnytskay T.
Breeding assessment henofondovyh red steppe breed populations in Southern Ukraine
Buyuklu G.I., Buyuklu M.I., Pisarenko A.V.
Development technology of growing of fish in the leased ponds
Verbelchuk S. P., Verbelchuk T.V., Maksymenko O.G.
Theoretical and practical approaches to preservation of domestic local breeds of animals
Vishnevsky L.V.
Differences in body weight and a gain in growing hybrid pigs
Voytenko S.L., Gorobetc V.A.
Selection estimation of orlov trotting mares
Glushak I. I.
The geterogennyy selection and his influence on the dairy productivity at animals of interbreed types of the ukrainian red dairy breed
Gnatyuk S.I., Gnatyuk M.A.
Productive and reproductive qualities of cows-heifers of different origin
Kalchuk L.A., Popadiuk T.S.
The role of aberdeen angus breed in creating meat breedscattle in Ukraine
Kolesnik A.
Effectivenessof plant-breeding and tribal work on creation and perfection of the sumy inner breeder type of the ukrainian blackly-pied dairy breed
Oblyvantsov V.
Efficiency of the first-borns of ukrainian black-and-white dairy breed, growntion on various technologies in dairy period
Chumatchenko I.P., Mankovsky A.Y., Koropets L.A., Antoniuc T.A.
Dependence ofmilkproduction ukrainian black and white dairy cattle from liveweight duringtheir growth
Kuziv M. I., Fedorovich E. I.
Comparative characteristics of various methods of sex detection young birds
Omar Hussein Ali, BondarenkoU.V., Ostapenko V.I.
Dynamics of live weight and blood biochemical parameters of pigs of different genotypes
Petrenko M.A.
Dependence of the suckling productivityand то reproductive ability of cows of the first lactationfrom stress resistance of their fathers
Pryshed’ko V.M.
Morphological evaluation the udder ukrainian red dairy cow breed, depending on age at first insemination
Pronoza O.L.
Production traits in pigs of modern imported selected genotypes associated with different breeding methods in the environmental conditions of Odesa region
Susol R.L.
Honey productivity bees colony and activity invertase of the ukrainian bees
Taran S.I.
About early maturation of beef bulls
Ugnivenko A.
Feature cows ukrainian red breast and holstein breeds on morpho-functional characteristics of the udder and dairy production
Chernenko О.
Dependence of fatback thickness of young pigs on the age they reach live weight of 100 kg
Shaferivsky B.
Linear estimation of stud bulls of holstein and ukrainian black-and-whitemilk breeds on the exterior type of their daughters
Shevchenko A. P., Khmel'nichiy S. L.
The contents of microelements in the blood of dairy and combined breeds in the western region of Ukraine
Fedorovych V.V.
Wool performance and physical and chemical indices of montain carpathian sheep
Chokan T., Fedorovych E.
Analysis on henetycheskyh trend the main feature of the breeding ukrainian black-motley dairy cattle
Bуkadorov P.
Relationship repair live weight bullocks with the terms of their productive use
Danets L.
Influence factors on paratypic biostructures tissues and organs rabbits
Kotsyubenko A.A.
Effect of mizhotelnoho period on reproductive performance and ability cows ukrainian brown dairy cattle vnutriporodnoho type and ukrainian black-and-white dairy cattle
Pryhodko M.F.
Methods of correction of runnet coagulability of milk and education to clot at production of cheeses
Маshkin N. I.,Mogutova V. F.
Peculiarities of the quality of pigs’ carcasses from different breeds which were estimated by method of european system
Bankovska I.B.
The use of antioxidants in technology of production of the boiled sausage
Bogko N.V., Tischenko V.I.
Historical aspects of development of beer
Bolhova N. V., Bondarchuk V.N.
Progressive technology quality food eggs
Vakulenko J.O.
The chemical composition and technological properties buffalo’s, cow’s, sheep's milk, and mixtures thereof in the manufacture of cheese cheese
Guzeeva Y., Goncharenko I.
Modern technology of the utilization of manure on pig complex
Ivanov M.Y., Voloshchuk V.M., Ivanov V.O.
Bactofugation effect on performance quality raw milk for cheese fermented milk
Kitchenko L.M.
Estimated amount, quality and value of harvested milk depending on the source of supply and seasonal factors
Kovalchuk I.V, Baranovska V.A., Selezneva O.A.
Productive and reproductive qualities fifth lactationholstein cows for intensive technology manual
Lytvyschenko L., Pishan I.
Development of meat gerontologic diet products - priority research area
Peshuk L.V. Haschuk A..I, Moskaliuk O.E., Gagach I.I.
Effect of cooling method of meat quality of raw materials
Miroshnyk A.M., Pidpala T.V., Nazarenko I.V.
The influence of technological peculiarities on fattening rate of pigs
Povod M.
Assessment of environmental aspects of processing produktsiyi of livestock
Strikha L.O., Dulyak D.A.
Formation of natural food supply of fish ponds and its use by fishes of different types
Tishchenko V. I., Bogko N. V.
Use robotic milking machines - benefits and challenges

Trofimov A.F., Tymoshenko V.М., Music A.A., Moskalev A.A., Kovalevsky I.A., Pesotskii N.I., Kirikovich S.A., Shmatko М.М.

Indicators m'yasnosti pigs depending on stress
Tserenyuk A.M.
Factors affecting the quality of meat
Tsygura V.V.
Efficiency and convenience of the manure removal process from places of cattle housing
Shablia V.P., Admin A.E., Zadorozhna I.Y., Osipenko T.L., Chekhichin A.V., Balagurovska N.L.
Use amaranth flour in january of the meat semis
Strashynskyy I.M., Goncharov G.I., Kazko I.S., Fursik O.P., Kolomyjec R.A.
Morphological and functional properties of cattle’s udder of different lines of ukrainian black spotted dairy breed
Ponko L. P.