Series of Veterinary medicine, 2014, Vol. 6 (35) (en)

Daily dynamics of the use mammary gland Chlorine in colostric period lactation
Kambur M.D., Plyuta L.V.
Determination of the functional status of immune system for dogs by electrodynamic method
Bobritskaya O.N., Yugai K.D.
Physiological and biochemical processes in the body of rabbits at watering sodium sulfate, chloride, citrate, chromium and suspensions of Сhlorella
Lesуk Ya.V., Fedoruk R. S.
The influence of "Mikrostimulina" on haematological parameters and productivity of cows with a different tone of the autonomic nervous system
Karpovsky P., Postoj R., Kryvoruchko D., Trokoz V., Tomchuk V., Karpovsky V., Landsman A., Karpovsky V., Kaplunenko V.
The relationship between the processes of biosynthesis in prezheludkah ruminants and mineral content in the diet
Antypin S.L., Yugay K.G., Zhukova I.O., Longus N.I., Kochevenko O.S.
Content of fatty acids in the tissues of honey bees and ambrosia depending on the environmental conditions
Kovalchuk I.I., Rivis Y.F., Fedoruk R.S.
Coagulogram blood of cows at the end of the second early in the third period of gestation
Lisovenko V.M.
Condition of protein metabolism in cows and calves Charolais breed in the process of adaptation
Doroshenko K.I., Katsy G.D.
The effectiveness of intravascular laser irradiation of blood on the basis of changes of serum biochemical parameters in the treatment of inflammatory processes in horses and cows
Kulynytsh S.M., Panasova T.G., Skryl V.U., Jurtschenko I.I.
Effect of freezing-warming thawing on the preservation of erythrocytes companion animals
Kambur M., Zamaziy A., Pikhtireva A., Kassich V.
Use precursors for the synthesis of constituents milk cows of breast tissue in the first lactation cycle
Kambur M., Zamaziy A., Pikhtireva A., Kassich V.
Anatomical features and hematologic changes in urate diathesis in young chickens
 Livoschenko E.M., Kambur M.D., Livoschenko L.P.
Immunostimulating effects of drugs from plant material
Trofimov A.F., Karput V.A.
Sanitary-hygienic assessment of the impact of environmental factors on the physiological state of the experimental animals
Selina V.O., Tarasenko L.A.
Effectiveness of the drug "Be-Dez" with disinfection of premises in the presence of рoultry
Fotina G.A.
Effect of different types of diet on the consumption of drinking water in cows
Sokolyuk V.
Determination of the effectiveness of rehabilitation preddoilnoy udder solution experimental drug on the sanitary quality of milk
Maksymenko P.
The theoretical and experimental consideration of basic ways of transmission of causative agents of food infections
Kasyanenko O. I., Gladchenko S. M., SobinaМ. М.
Pollution control fishery ponds wastewater livestock farms
Nazarenko S.M.
Investigation of the effect of peracetic acid on structural indicators and the level of gas permeability of shell eggs for hatching chickens
Astrahanceva E., Bordunova O., Cherniavskaya T., Izmaylova N.
Determination of morphological and chemical properties of the meat of carp in the treatment of aeromonas
Petrov R.V.
Disinfectant Bi-DezTM for sanitation of poultry house airspace
Fotina T.I., Fotina A.A., Olefir I.A.
Influence nanoparticles of metals on hematological indicators and healing terms at the closed fractures of bones at dogs
Telyatnikov A.V.
Method for the determination of organochlorine pesticides in plants fervently-nectariferous
Kasyanchuk V.V., Bergilevich O.M., Skrypka G.A.
Analysis of fatty acid composition of raw milk obtained by modern techology of milking
Marchenko A., Berhilevych О.
The main microbiological risks in assessing the sanitary-hygienic condition of production of milk on farms
BerhilevichO., Kasianchuk V., Grishina E., Teryohina O.
Bactericidal activity of preparation "Biotcydin"
Shkromada O.I.
Zootechnical parameters of indoor climate and their impact on the sanitary condition of the udder
Skliar I.O.
New approaches to efficientstimulation in beekeeping
Kysternaya A.S., Musyenko A.V.
Virucidal activity of disinfectants "BI-Dez" against the pathogen African swine fever
Babaruk A.V.
The influence of disinfection preparation “Geocid” on the morphological and immunological status of laboratory animals
Kovalenko V.M., Lyasota V.P., Balatskyi Y.O.
Epizootologichesky monitoring, clinical signs and pathological changes in the case of pasteurellosis (Cholera) birds in association with certain infectious and parasitic diseases
Plys V.M., Photina T.I.
The cytokine profile of blood serum of piglets during spontaneous flow associated bacteriosis and balantidioza
Pelenjo R.A., Stybelj V.V., Ushkalov V.O.
Microscopic changes in the organs of fetuses aborted cows with leptospirosis
Ukhovskyi V.V., Borisevich B.V.
Тне method of prevent of pseudomonosis infection of bird embryos
Zon G.A., Vaschik Y.V., Kuznecova О.О.
Studies on sensitivity of isolates isolated from diseased animals to antibiotic means compared with the test microorganisms
Hudz N.
The study of the microbiota of the tonsils of pigs and air piggeries
Rebenko G.I., Voropay Yu.V., Deulya A.V.
Study of chlamydial infection among predators felines and canines
Ksyonz I., Tsivenko T.
Dynamics of the quality of the uterine microbiocenosis in cows with an ACUTE purulent-catarrhal endometritis and correction of probiotic strains
Glotov E. E.
The influence of feed additive containing luminosilicate minerals on rat organism
Kotsiumbas I.Ya., Brezvyn O.M., Chudiak M.M., Rudyk H.V., Kurylas L.V.
Diagnostics of eymeriosis for rabbits
Panasenko A.S., Negreba Y. V., Lazorenko L.N.
Dynamics strongiloidoznoy infestation of pigs in Ukraine
Ponomar S., Antipov A., Kichilyuk Y.
Features of biology and ecology populations of red mite in poultry farms Ukraine
Nagorna L.V.
The study of the immunostimulatory effect of the drug Arselan at a profound form of dogs trichophytia
Kovalenko V.L., Nesterenkova V.V.
The spectre of helminthosis in terrarium reptile and their treatment in Ukraine
Stoyanov L.A.
Determination of acute toxicity "Brovatriol" for laboratory animals
Rustamova S.I., Aliyev R.M.
Dynamics of physiological and productive performance of goats using probiotic "Vitakorm-Bio"
Zhukova I.O.
Indicators immunophysiological status of pigs in the application of antimicrobials drugs Flovet and Florikol
Muzyka V.P., Lisova N.E.
Study of humoral and cellular immunity of carp in the application of an immune stimulant "Amiksin"
Ushkalov V. A., Krushelnytska O. V.
Morphometric parameters of the endometrium of cows after complex treatment of purulent-catarrhal endometritis using bio-stimulator Seleran
Balim Yu.P.
The frequency of cystic degeneration of the ovaries in high-yielding cows
Rosca F.G., Krajewski A.J.
Diagnosis of subclinical mastitis from cows
Skliar O.I.
Histomorphological and biochemical indices of the uterus and ovaries using Gn-Rg analogue for stimulate estrus in sheep
Grymak C.
Fertilizing capacity of boar semen in using an aqueous extract of propolis in the composition of semen extender
Sharan N., Horchyn S.
A method of treatment of subclinical endometritis in cows
Kornyat S.B., Andrushko O.B., Sharan M.M., Jaremchuk I.M.
Changes in the cellular composition of vaginal smears females in different phases of the sexual cycle
Radokhlib A.H., Krajewski A.J.
Differential diagnosis of tubal pathology neopladotvornyh cows that their treatment
Kalinovskiy G.M., Shnaider V.L., Omelyanenko M.M.
Pheromons and features of structure of paranasal organ for cows
Fedorenko S.
Serous swelling breast cows during the dry period. Ultrasonographic and thermographic diagnostics
Onishenko A.V.
The influence of structural and functional condition and temperature gonads оf boar the degree of andro- and spermatogenesis
Naumenko S.
Serous edema of the udder of cows in lactation period. Ultrasonographic and thermographic diagnostics
Pasternak A.М.
Dynamics manifestations of sexual cycles sows against the background of previous pathologies of pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period
Charenko N.I., Chernenko A.A., Kostuchenko O.A.
Analysis of cases of false intrafamilial females in the clinic "Vetservis" Sumy
Parashchenko V.V., Zon G.A, Paraschenko I.V.
Therapeutic efficacy and immunoregulatory effects of oxytetracycline on the body of cows with endometritis during different methods of administration
Bodnar A.A. 
Effect of incoherent polarized light on spermatogenesis sires
Kalinowski G.N., Evtukh L.G.
Theoretical and practical aspects use drag ЕvitSel to calves with bronchopneumonia
Ulko L.G., Ryzhkova A.E.
Treatment of dogs with skin pathology in the veterinary clinic "Vetdopomoha" Sumy
Kletsov А.М.