Erspective for the introduction in the Polissya and Carpathian region bluegrass Poa longifolia Trin
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Seed productivity of Primula Veris L. in western Ukraine phytocenoses
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Estimation of possibility using of phytovariety of floodplain meadows of river Psel (Sumy region) in landscape design
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The ontogenetic structure of Gladiolus tenuis rare species populations on the gradient of floodplain meadow digression (Sumy geobotanic district)
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The species composition pathogen of alternariose of winter wheat seeds in the Ukrainian Forest Steppe
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Effect of seeds treaters on the formation of oil flax yield capacity in the conditions of the Western Forest Steppe
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Visual diagnostics of potato viral diseases detection
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Chemical protection of potato against late blight (Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de bary) in the southern steppe of Ukraine
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On issue about cost of straw of spiked cereals at its disposal
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Humus condition gray forest soil at different systems fertilizer of jerusalem artichoke
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Efficiency of growth regulators and complex water-soluble fertilizers of cultivation of on beet
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Influence of fertilizers and methods for primary treatment agrochemical properties of typical chernozems
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The productivity of spring barley depending on ways of basic tillage and fertilizers
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Dynamics of change of agrochemical indicators of Bilopillya district of Sumy region
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Urgent problems of farming systems in Vinnytsia region
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Biotesting system of the toxicity of the soil contaminated by the heavy metals
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Phytotoxicity of Cu, Pb, Cd and Zn for the vegetable cultures – representatives of the family of Brassicaceae
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Some aspects growing of Buxus sempervirens planting material
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Features of vegetative propagation of evergreen boxwood (Buxus sempervirens)
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The reproduction peculiarities of (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco) by vegetative methods
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Using of petunia hybrida in container gardening
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Formation leaf surface beets red depending on term of sowing
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Sweet sorghum biofuel
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Spicy flavoring raw materials as a source of aromatic substances for processing
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Productivity of buckwheat under application of biological compounds in Forest-Steppe of Ukraine
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Quality assessment and cooking buckwheat depending on hydrothermal processing of grain
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The productivity of the paired forage legume-cereal grass mixture
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Quality characteristics of oats cultivation in the north-easten Forest-Steppe of Ukraine
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Indicators photosynthetic capacity agrocenoses thistle depending on the effect of individual farming practices
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Sowing qualities and properties of soybean depending on the application of growth regulators and micronutrients
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Grain yield of winter wheat depending on terms of sowing in the conditions of northern part of the Left Bank steppe of Ukraine
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Сharacteristics of lupin narrow-leaved vegetation with application of bacterial substances and micronutrients
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Productivity of carthamus tinctorius at growing under the conditions of irrigation in Southern Ukraine
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The influence of lime treatment and seed treatment on productivity of alfalfa plants in Forest-Steppe of Right-Bank conditions
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Formation of the productivity of seed naked oat depending on seeding rate and fertilization
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Growth, development and yield of green mass of forage sorghum depending on the terms of sowing under conditions of Right Bank of Forest-Steppe
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Biochemical assessment of fruit and berry production of zone north-eastern Lisosteppe of Ukraine
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The formation of seed productivity of spring rape depending on sowing and fertilization in the Ringht-Bank Forest-Steppe
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Reserves of increasing quality oats grain in steppe zone of Ukraine
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Yield and quality of early-ripening potato depending on fertilizing system in southern Steppe of Ukraine
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Effect of sowing ways on the productivity of soybean seeds under Northern Steppe of Mykolaiv region
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Analysis of soft winter wheat quality under the conditions of educational and scientific production complex of Sumy national agrarian university
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The value of soybeans in agriculture, the effect of variety, nutrition and background of bacterization seeds on yield, the oil content and its conditional fee for cultivation in the south of Ukraine without watering
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Water consumption and sunflower crop yield depending on the cultivar peculiarities and predecessors in conditions of the north-eastern Left Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine
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Ways of yield increasing of winter rape in north-eastern Forest-Steppe of Ukraine
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Approbation of agrobacterial transformation of winter rape forms by methods in planta
S.V. Bogulskaya
Agricultural-valuable characteristic sort (hybrid) vegetable (Cucurbita pepo var giraumonas), growth in the Forest-Steppe of western

L.V. Hoysyuk

Ecological plasticity and stability of collection samples of carrot based on useful economic traits of first year vegetation plants
K.P. Leonova
Economic valuable traits of four-species forms of triticale
I.P. Diordiieva, F.M. Pariy
Reaction of different soft winter wheat genotypes on stressful vegetation conditions with fertilizer application on different development phases
M. Buzynnyi
Setting of winter wheat seed in F1 at varietіes crossing with wheat-rye translocations
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Perspectives of selection of long stalked flax varieties with high spinning capacity of fiber and heightened seed productivity
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Revealing of reproductive depression in inbred lines of Cannabis sativa L. in ontogenesis
S.V. Mishchenko
Adaptive acceleration techology of virus-free seed potatoes in Siberia
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Influence of environment conditions on tuber formation ability of potato varieties of Polissya Experimental Station named after A. Zasukhin
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Yield capasity of potato varieties depending on test conditions
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PCR analysis of alleles of Ppd-D1 gene in the genotypes of wheat varieties of mironivskyi institute of wheat
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Effectiveness of potato breeding as for drought-resistance
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Towards solving problems potato cyst nematode in North-Eastern region of Ukraine
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