Growing of the seedlings of european larch by the means of growth stimulators and different methods of stratification of seeds
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Viral monitoring of ornamental plants on the southern east of Ukraine
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Problems of introduction of Callistephus chinensis (L.) Nees in Sumy national agrarian university
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Components of damage from the root fungus in ripening and mature pine plantations of Novgorod-Seversk Polyssya
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Reproduction of pseudotsuga of menzies by seeds in western steppe of Ukraine
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Broomrape (Orobanche cumana Wallr.) in sunflower fields i n the eastern part of north steppe of Ukraine
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Features of the vertical distribution and spatial distribution of cyst nematodes
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Stem moth in the conditions of North-eastern Forest-steppe of Ukraine
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Evaluation of insecticide efficiency against pear louse Psylla pyri L. in the pre-mounten of the Crimea
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PCR diagnosis and identification of sugar beet yellow virus
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Quality of spelled wheat depending on fertilizers
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The contents and stocks of mobile forms of potassium in the soil after long application of fertilizers in the field rotation
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Efficiency of yellow lupine (Lupinus Luteus L.) cultivation after post-action of application of fermented organic fertilizers in Polyssya of Ukraine
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Impact of non-conventional organic fertilizers on changes of agrochemical indicators of sod-podzolic soil in red clover cultivaton
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Optimization of soil density in sugar beet cultivation
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Influence of mineral fertilizers on the formation of acid-alcaline state of sod- podzolic soil under different-depth tillage
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Effect of pre-planting application of phosphorus and nitrogen fertilizers on alfalfa growth in the Right-bank Forest-steppe zone of Ukraine
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Analysis of soil acidity of Sumy region
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The soil fertility in the Kovel’ district of Volyn REGION
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Influence of subsoil water level on the cost of additional products and profits from the fertilizer application on the dried peat soils in reed canary grass cultivation
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Basic conceptual approaches to saving soil fertility at biologisation of farming in Sumy region
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Efficiency of soil-protective technology of cultivation of spring barley in the conditions of the forest-steppe zone of Sumy region
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The yield of hulled oats varieties depending on mineral fertilizers and bacterial pereparation
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Yield and quality of soybean varieties of early-maturing group in the conditions of North-eastern Forest-steppe of Ukraine
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Yield formation of kidney bean depending on influence of agrotechnical measures of cultivation in the conditions of Prykarpattya
O.D. Turak
Optimization of basic elements of cultivation technology of fennel in the conditions of Prykarpattya of Ukraine
P. M. Dmytryk
The results of comparative evaluetion of agricultural and biological characteristics of new strawberries varietes of ukrainian breeding with leading european varietes in Sumy region
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Growing features of seedlings material of schisandra chinensis with woody stem-cuttings
V. S.Tokman
Evaluation of winter wheat varieties by baking properties and grain yield
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Influence of nitrogen nutrition and compound of “avanguard- r grain” on productivity of winter wheat varieties
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Influence of predecessors and miniral fertilizers on the quality of sunflower seeds in conditions of the North-eastern Forest-steppe of Ukraine
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Effect of hydrothermal processing of buckwheat grain on output and grain quality
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State and prospects of grains cultivation in the world and Ukraine
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Grain quality and yield of white and narrow-leaves lupine depending on bacterial fertilizer and micronutrients
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Influence of growth substances on seed productivity of alfalfa
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Optimum sowing terms of winter wheat under conditions of the North-eastern Forest-steppe of Ukraine
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The influence of the sowing norms and ways to accelerate the ripening on the yield of soybean varietie
V.I. Nagorniy
Formation of yield capacity structure of sping barley condition of the North-east Forest-steppe of Ukraine
S.I. Berdin, A.N. Tkachenko
Productivity and quality of fiber of flax varieties of different ecology-geographical origin depending on sowing rate
M. I. Loginov, A. V. Litvinenko
Development of technological system of potato seeds production in the conditions of Dinsi
Liu Ghunchin, Li Penchen, Meng Fanhua
Environmental sustainability of productivity elements of spring barley varieties and efficiency of breeding on the bases of hybridization
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Spelta: current status and future selection
F. M. Pariy, I. R. Zabolotna
Identification of resistance inbred hemp lines with resistence to diseases and pests
S.V. Mischenko
Genetic correlation of yield plant varieties and breeding lines of winter wheat and main generative features depending on spring vegetation renewal term
V. Tishchenko, L. Dryzhenko
Variation of quality indicators sortobraztsov sdi in irrigation south of Ukraine
Dependence OF tying tubers varieties of Institute potato NAAS on external conditions
A. A Podhaietskyi, V. N. Kovalenko
Efficiency gains of potato breeding in vitro of resistance to Fusarium oxysporum and Fusarium sambucinum
N.A. Zaharchuk
Measurement methods of leaf area of potato plants
P. V. Savchenko, N. S. Kozhushko
Storage losses of potatoe of SNAU breeding
N.S. Kozhushko, N.N. Sahoshko, A.I. Kryutchenko
Prospectivity of complex interspecific potato hybrids by agronomic factors
N. V. Kravchenko, A. A. Podhaietskyi
Resistance of potato interspecific hybrids and their backcrosses to virus diseases
A. A. Podhaietskyi, S.M. Gorbas
The selection feature of corn hybrids under conditions of north-east of Forest-steppe Ukraine
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The content of mineral nitrogen in the soil and productivity of sugar beet depending on fertilization systems
V. M.Polevoy, O. V. Shevchuk