Серія Агрономія і біологія, 2014, Вип. 9 (28) (en)

Composition and structure of meadows in valley of the Desna river in connection with their ecosystem services
S. Panchenko, Y. Gorovaya, L. Diachenko
Features vegetative propagation Buxus sempervirens L. in Sumy national agrarian university
V.S. Tokman, A.O. Chervyatsov
Typing of varieties and kids of Juniperus L. and their usage in phytocenodesign
T.I. Melnyk, А.V. Melnyk
Disease berry crops in Ukrainian Polissia
T. Rozhkova, V. Tatarinova, A. Burdulanyuk
Colorado potato beetle and measures to combat it in Chernigiv region
V.M. Demenko, G.O. Kuguk
American white butterfly in the Ukraine and North-Eastern Forest-Steppe
A. M. Yemets, V. M. Demenko
The analysis of “hybrid+herbicide” system in the Express sun and Clearfield technologies
S.O. Kiriyenko
Detocsication of soils with heavy metals
G.P. Hubaеva, K.E. Sokaev, S.A. Bekuzarova
Effect of fertilize crops in field crop rotation on the content of gross phosphorus in dark gray podzolic soils Western Ukraine Steppe
V. Lopushnyak
Use of spectral indices in soil cover interpretation under conditions of agriculture farming
L.P. Koljada
The efficiency of the natural fertility of drained peat soils for growing reed canary grass at different water table
O. V. Kharchenko, Y. M. Petrenko, N. B. Molescha
Influence basic tillage of soil on its agrophysical properties and productivity of grain row crop rotation
M.G. Sobko, E.A. Zakharchenko, A.M. Sobko
The results of soil and agrochemical monitoring of Sumy region priori land for ix tours of agrochemical soil survey
N.K. Senchenko, S.G. Mitcaj, O.O. Ponomarenko, O.I. Krokhmal, I.I. Sotnik
Optimization of mineral nutrition of winter rye
G.M. Hospodarenko, M.M. Ptashnyk
Crop yields depending on the basic processing systems and levels of fertilization in the crop rotation of Central Forest-Steppe of Ukraine
S. Obrajyy
Food safety as a pledge of life quality of people
I. Yatsuk, G. Matusevich, A. Lishchuk
The results of researching the variety of raspberry
V. V. Filyov
The impact of biological preparations on the productivity of oats
N. G. Furmanеtc, Y. S. Furmanetc, O. C. Kolomiets
Biological effectiveness of binary perennial legume-cereal agrophytocenoses with galega orientalis
Y.A. Veklenko, K.P. Kovtun, T.P. Samohval, L.I. Bezvuglyak
Productivity and legume-rhizobium symbiosis of soybean depending on the use of physiology active substances
V. І. Nagornyi, O. N. Murach
Influence of ways of the main processing of the soil and doses of fertilizers on productivity of grades of soybean of various groups of ripeness
V.І. Nagornyi
Influence of light and temperature regimes on productivity of milk thistle in terms of Western Forest-Steppes
V. Ya. Homina
Productivity flax of oil depending of foliar application
O. V. Rovna
Sowing and yield quality of sunflower seeds depending on storage term
A. V. Melnyk, G. O. Zhatova
Features of water absorption of sunflower seeds elements
V.I. Trotsenko, O.G. Zhatov, H.O. Zhatova, O.M. Masiuchenko
Dynamic of quality indexes of winter wheat in post-harvest period
Z.Y. Dutchenko, L.T. Glushenko, M.V. Radchenko
Assimilative activities crops of chickpea depending on the varietal features and preseeding seed treatment
S. M. Kalenska, E. N. Scherbakova, L. M. Gonchar
The influence of cultivar and plant density on photosynthetic indicators of crops fodder beet
E. Ovcharuk
Characteristics of kidney bean plants by their variety characteristics in the conditions of Forest-Steppe of Ukraine
О.V. Оvcharuk
Formation of biometric indicators of spring triticale depending on the influence of methods of sowing and fertilizing
A. Rozhkov
Produktivity varieties and hybrids of sugar sorghum in a north-east Forest-Steppes of Ukraine
V.I. Trozenko, S.I. Glupak
Tendencies of modern potato production in the world and Ukraine
N.S. Kozhushko, M.M. Sahoshko, P.V. Savchenko, V.M. Dihtyarov
Concerning the classification of varieties, interspecific hybrids potatoes by maturity
A. A. Podhaietskyi, L. V. Kryuchko
Sowing seeds in growing fodder beet without planting way of Umansky feed grade 7
G.L. Pinchkovskyi
Inheritance of the productivity elements by first generation hybrids of winter bread wheat cultivars with wheat-rye translocations
V. A. Vlasenko, O. M. Bakumenko, O. M. Os’machko
Resistance of primary and secondary interspecific hybrids potatoes against fusarium dry rot
V. V. Gordienko, A. A. Podhaietskyi, V. V. Sobran
An evaluation of the combining ability of the source material of spring barley in the system of diallel crosses
O.B. Mareniuk
Laboratory method of evaluation the alu stability of alfalfa
V. M. Horenskyy, V. D. Buhaiov
Spring rape shoots protection from cruciferous flea beetles
S. V. Stankevych, M. D. Yevtushenko, Yu. G. Krasylovets, M. G. Tsekhmeystruk, N. V. Kuz’menko, A. Ye. Lytvynov