Perspective landscape wildlife area "Gulbische" in Sula's valley in Sumy region
K.K. Karpenko, Yu.L. Sklyar
Effect of fertilizers for development of callistephus chinensis
Т. Melnyk, O. Surgan, A. Melnyk
Features of natural regrowth of dominate forest tree species in the "Retitskay dacha"array
V.G. Sklyar, V.M. Degtyaryov
Improving of protection system against grape anthracnose (Gloeosporium ampelophagum Sacc.) in industrial grapeyards in the south of Ukraine
N.V. Aleinikova, O.D. Ivanisova
The influence of sowing terms on pest quantyty and soybean yiel in conditions of North-east of Forest-steppe of Ukraine
V.I. Nagornyj, V.M. Demenko, V.N. Anishchenko
Seed-born infection of winter wheat in the Ukrainian Polissia
T. Rozhkova, V.Tatarinova, A. Dmytrivska, V. Poleev
Entomofauna of the hempy agrobiocenosis
V.V. Kabanec
Monitoring of phytopathogenic grains complex in the North-eastern Forest- steppe of Ukraine
V.I. Tatarinova, V.A. Vlasenko, T.A. Rozhkova, O.L. Govorun, N.V. Hilko
Development of mealy dew and fruit decay depending on high-quality features of the apple-tree
A.А. Dmitrivskaya, T.O. Rozhkova, V.I. Tatarinova, I. Batig
The role of phytonematology in system of plant protection
А.М. Yemets, V.М. Demenko, V.N. Sarbash
The influence of insecticide on the quantity of globodera rostochiensis in the soil
A.V. Gurmanchuk
Lead and cadmium in soils of agrolandscapes of Zhytomyr Polissya
T. Myslyva
Influence of placement of soy in crop rotations of short rotation on its productivity in the conditions of North-east Forest-steppe of Ukraine
V.I. Nagornyj
Danger of deflation processes of radiative contaminated territories of Volhynia Polissya
V.A. Gavryluk, A.M. Bortnyk, V.P. Kolyada, D.O. Tymchenko
Dynamics of content of iron moving forms in dark-grey podzolic soil under the influence of different crop fertilizing systems in grain raw-crop rotation
V. Lopushniak
Influence of system fertilization of jerulem potato on the state of cationic excsahange of grey forest soil of Western Forest-steppe of Ukraine
V. Lopushniak, P. Sloboda
State of microbiocenosis of sod-podzolic soil under the influence of organic fertilizers and bacterial substance
O.V. Povh, I.M. Merlenko
Agriculture greening – the way to reproduction of fertility of soils
V.V. Gamayunova, G.T. Fedorovich
Influence of mineral fertilizers on the nutritious mode of the dark-chestnut soil and productivity of nuta
V.V. Gamayunova, A.V.Tomnitsky
Improvement of technology of phytoextraction of heavy metals from the soil
Eatures of practical training of specialists of agronomical specialties
O.A. Vlasyuk, T.M. Homenko, T.D. Ishchenko
Comparative assessment of balance of the humus of essential element of plant nutrition by graphic-analytical method
O.V. Kharchenko, V.I. Prasol, Y.M. Petrenko
Green manure crop and structural aggregate state of the soil
Y.H. Mishchenko
Monitoring of agrochemical indicators of soils fertility of Seredinа-Buda region of the Sumy area
N.K. Senchenko, O.J. Ponomarenko, V.M. Martynenko
The activity of ions of Са2+ and Na+ in soils of meadows of the rivers basin of Siversky Donets
A.N. Кazyuta
Influence of melioration on change of a chemical composition of natural waters of the Western Forest-steppe of the Ivano-Frankovsk area
U.M. Karbivska, I.D. Melnik
Formation of spring barley varieties depending on fertilization in the conditions of Forest-steppe zone
O.I. Potopljak
Productivity of the sainfoin depending on the way of the tillage in the conditions of North-east Forest-steppe of Ukraine
N. G. Sobko
The efficiency of complex water-soluble fertilizer on the winter wheat crop
V.I. Onychko, S.I. Berdin, O.A.Kovalenko
Influence of different ways of the till of the soil on structural and modular structure at cultivation of winter wheat
E.A. Zakharchenko, I.M. Masik, G.A. Davidenko
Power estimation of growing technology of sіlybum marіanum on the irrigated lands of south Ukraine
V.A. Ushkarenko, I.M. Filipova
Field germinating ability and spring triticale survival potential during different variants of coenotic tension
A.A. Rozhkov, V.K. Puzik
Dynamics of oilseed radish varieties depending on different sowing rates, ways of sowing and fertilizer
Y.G. Tsytsyura, T.V. Tsytsyura
Influence of weather conditions and seed inoculation on formation of bean symbiotic system in the conditions of Right-bank of Forest-steppe of Ukraine
О.О. Кostuk
Efficiency of flax olive depending on elements of technology of cultivation to Polesye of Ukraine
V.G. Didora, Yu.V. Sheremet
Formation of the photosynthetic device of soy depending on norms and crops terms in the conditions of Polesye of Ukraine
V. G. Didora, A.I.Baranov, A.S.Stupnitska
Influence of plant crop stands on the yield of squash fruit in the conditions of Right-bank of Forest-steppe
V.M. Chernetskyi, І.І. Palamarchuk
Formation of squash yield quality depending on variety characteristics and weather conditions in cultivation in the Forest-steppe of Ukraine
L.U. Matenchuk
Phenolic compounds bast fiber of kenaf and hemp
I.G. Vorobijova, S.B. Bolshanina
Effect of temperature stress and plant growth regulators on water content and supplying of the winter wheat roots sprouts
V.A. Varavkin
Influence of bacterial fertilizer and micronutrients on yield сapacity formation and harvest of lupine angustifolius
I.N. Lavrуk
Formation of the biological value of the actinidia fruit depending on the weather conditions of the vegetative period
К. Kalajda
Structure and balance of phytomass of apple-trees in intensive phytocenosis
V.V. Zamorskyi
Buckwheat productivity depending on sowing rates and fertilizer systems in the conditions of North-east Forest-steppe of Ukraine
N.V. Radchenko, Z.Y. Dutchenko, L.T. Glushchenko.
Influence of physiological active substances on pigment biosynthesiys in potato leaves
V.S. Tokman
Photosynthetic productivity of sugar beet of different biological forms
L.M. Karpuk
The grain quality of winter wheat varieties of different ecological and geographical originination
O.H. Sukhomud, V.V. Liubych, V.V. Voziyan
The efficiency technologies for growing winter wheat in North-eastern steppe of Ukraine
T.O. Onychko, V.І. Trotsenko
Effect of biological characteristics of variety on the inoculation efficiency of pea seeds
S.I. Berdin, V.I. Onychko, O.M. Murach
Ecological study of corn hybrids in the conditions of North-eastern Forest-steppe of Ukraine
М.A. Shtukin, V.I. Onychko
Comparative efficiency of winter wheat varieties in the conditions of the Chernigiv region
G.A. Davidenko
State and prospects of oilseed production in the world and in Ukraine
A.A. Podgaеtskіy
Characteristics of seed germination of different winter wheat varieties under moisture deficit in the soil
Yu.I. Podust
Sex traits detection in inbred hemp lines depending on sex structure of initial forms
S.V. Mishchenko
Features of grain ripening in different biotype varieties of spring barley
O.A. Dubovik, N.G. Sobko, V.V. Dubovik
Results of selection for increasing adaptability universal wheat soft winter under Eastern Forest-steppe Ukraine
А.F. Zvyagin
The formation and development of new high-grade resources of flax in the north east of Ukraine
N.N. Kandyba, L.M. Krivosheeva, L.M. Romaschenko
A variety as a factor of resistant formation of winter rye agrocenoses
T.M. Tymoshchuk, O.V. Chaika, V.V. Nychyporuk, O.S. Oryshchuk, O.O. Nychyporuk
The breeding of buckwheat: results and perspectives
V.M. Kabanets, N.P. Bondarenko, I.N. Straholys
The possibility of allocation of first class form among progeny of interspecific hybrids of potato
A.A. Podgaеtskiy, S.M. Horbas`
Flowering and berry-producing from self-pollination of interspecific potato hybrids
A.A.Podgaеtskiy, A.V.Ostapenko, V.V.Gordіenko
Intensive productivity formation of potato varieties of sumy breeding
N.S. Kozhushko, P.V. Savchenko
plasticity and stability of modern varieties and hybrids of spring rape in the Left-bank Forest-steppe Ukraine
S. M. Kalenskaya, A. V. Melnyk, A. G. Polezhay
Use of contrast crop stands in inter-varieties crossings of sunflower
V.І. Trotsenko, V.V. Kirichenko
Effect of biologization of fertilizer on dynamics of nutrients content in the dark graypodzolic soil and sugar beet
O.V. Shevchuk
Ecological microzones of fruit growing in Sumy region
V.V. Filyev